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I know what it’s like to feel the shame and frustration of being trapped within an overweight body…

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No one should have to suffer with being unable to pursue their dreams because of their weight. I believe everyone should be empowered to live a life of health, confidence and freedom. That’s why you need a clear plan with a personal guide that knows how to help you get there!

I help people achieve their health goals…

Here’s how!

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Personal Guide

Systematic Plan


A guide that understands and supports you throughout your journey

A personalized eating plan with education that adjusts your mindset

A community that will embrace and strengthen you into lasting success

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“A journey of a thousand miles 

begins with a single step.”

How much joy, energy and fullness of life is being lost due to your current weight and lifestyle?

I've helped hundreds of people lose weight, keep it off and create lasting health that helps them find the confidence and freedom they have been searching for!

Here’s how we start!


Daily Schedule

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Develop A Plan

Provide a clear, simple, and structured plan for achieving your goals


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Ongoing one-on-one and community support for permanent success

Journey to Success

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Mikaela O’Brien, Certified Health Coach

As a child, I was fit, healthy and full of energyan outgoing and fun loving person! As I went through my 20s though, that extraverted personality started disappearing. I wasn’t near as active anymore and I had started eating more unhealthy foods as life was getting busy. Those unhealthy habits led to gaining weight, especially after having two beautiful children! In the wake of my weight gain, I became reclusive and withdrawn as my shame overwhelmed me. I felt helpless and without any hope as diet after diet failed to bring lasting results. 

Then it all changed! I was blessed to be shown a program that would work for my life and included someone to help me walk through my own health journey. The first week, so many things changed for me. I lost weight, I was feeling great, my energy increased and clarity returned to my mind as my brain fog went away! I knew this was something I could stick with and reach my goals! I found confidence in addressing triggers and emotional eating. Changing my mindset brought about a dramatic change for me! 

82 lbs later and I had accomplished my dream! In the process, something even more was birthed into me. I wanted to help others overcome their own struggles, so I became a Certified Health Coach! I now get to experience the joy of guiding others into the same empowering freedom that I have experienced. If you have unrealized dreams because of your health, I would love to join with you! Believe me, your dream is possible, and you are worth it!

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Believe in YOUR dream! 

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M. Ayala

“Mikaela is honest and genuine. She is empathetic and never has an air of judgement - she understands and supports you at all times. She provides practical tools and tips to ensure we understand how our goals can be attained. She believes that every person can overcome hurdles and be wildly successful. Draw from her strength and knowledge, and realize your dreams can be your reality, they don’t need to wait!”


Your Dream, Your Reality

Go from being lethargic, out of energy, uncomfortable and frustrated to empowered, confident, vibrant and alive!

Being exhausted and frustrated makes a dream feel out of reach. To make your dream a reality, it takes a plan that is able to meet you where you are and someone to walk with you along the way! I can be that support for you!  

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Personalized Plan

Unhealthy history is rewritten through a plan that is simple and offers clarity for your life.

Habits are hard to change! A clear plan with a strong support team is what carries you to a lifetime of success. The plan is the map that will lead you to your dream. I will help you to develop a plan that works for you and your life! 

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